Training Opportunities

Training is essential for a healthy troop to function. Trail Life USA has several training programs available to help troop thrive. If your Troop is lookin for some training email the Area Training Chair at to schedule a time.

Peak One is the foundational training for all adults. This training can be taken on-line at or in person. During this three hour training, adults will understand: Trail Life history, What makes Trail Life unique and important, Trail Life distinctives, The structure of the organization, Youth Protection Essentials, The Levels of  Support, The importance of annual planning, The program and meeting structure. After completing this training the adults badge will show completion of Peak one training.

Peak Two training builds upon the foundation of Peak one. This training can be taken on-line at or in person. During this day-long training, adults will understand: Why the patrol method is important and how it works, Why ceremonies are important, The importance of advancement, How to plan and run a successful Troop meeting, Trail Life Connect, The importance of the Officer’s Conference, The need for an Annual Plan, The importance of training youth leaders.

Peak Three training a weekend training event for adult Troop volunteers who wish to learn the outdoor skills needed to effectively serve in a Troop and mentor Trailmen. This training is structured to simulate a Troop camping setup. The staff members will have titles and roles as if they were Troop and youth leaders. The participants (all of whom are adults) will have titles and roles as if they were youth Trailmen attending a campout. This is designed not only to teach participants the skills needed to lead a patrol method campout but to model one as well.

The Train the Trainer course is a weekend course designed to help adult leaders become trainers. It’s a hands-on training that helps Identify areas of improvement in presenting, Learn different teaching and learning styles, Using visual aids effectively, and Prepare to run a training courses.