Service to our Veterans

A Journey Adventurer from OR-0226 in Hillsboro, went to the Rock Creek Retirement home and fixed their flag pole that didn’t have a Halyard. They were able to put in the main halyard and a spare so that they could fly a flag for Veterans Day. #TraillifeUSA #walkworthy

Area Troops Meet Up for a Retreat (and fun)

In June, Troops OR-0315, OR-1531, WA-0360 and WA-0314 met up at the Brigittine Monastery for a weekend of camping, prayer, and fun.  During the day, the Trailmen got to know one another while performing service projects, competing in a variety of games, and worship.  As evening approached the fire was lit and each Troop did … More Area Troops Meet Up for a Retreat (and fun)

Climb On

Navigators and Adventurers from OR-0315 and OR-1531 earn their Climb-on badge after a day of hard work.  Trailmen always enjoy opportunities to share adventures with other Troops.