New Youth ID Cards!

Official Trail Life USA Lanyard with Sleeve (set of 10) | Trail Life USA

The Trail Life Home Office is excited to announce a brand new design to our Youth ID cards. These new cards are customized specifically for each Trailman with their current Troop/patrol role and advancement record. A new feature within Trail Life Connect automatically updates each Trailman’s ID card with their recorded Branches, Sylvan Stars, Ranks, Awards, Titles, Badges, and Trainings in real time! Parents and Troop leaders can print Trailmen’s ID cards anytime they want directly from the Trailman’s profile in Trail Life Connect. By the way, adults also can print their ID cards from their profiles anytime they choose. And finally, remember that the ID cards serve a bigger purpose than a name card; they are a critical piece for both youth and adults in our efforts of child safety and youth protection.

Troop leaders, log in and update your Trailmen’s records today so that they can start this Fall with their fully updated ID Card!

If you need a lanyard to go with it, pick yours up today at the Trail Life store here.

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