December Pointman Message

Hello Oregon/SW Washington Trail Life Leadership and Supporters,
I am the new Trail Life Point Man for Oregon and SW Washington, and I thought I should formally introduce myself.  I have met many of you at previous Roundups, and may have sent you an email or two about upcoming training or a new Troop forming in your area.
I attend St. Joseph Church in Salem, OR with Lili, my wife of 19 years, and our four children; Evangelyn (11), Davy (10), Joan (6), and Louis (4).  We live on a ten acre farm and homeschool our children.  I work full-time as a judge advocate for the Oregon National Guard in Salem.  I have a total of 19 years in the military, first as an enlisted Marine, and now as an officer in the guard.  I love to spend time with my family, homestead, read, and live my faith.
I became aware/involved in Trail Life in 2014 when I was looking for the right program for my son.  It was a long process getting my charter, but since 2016 I have served as the Troopmaster for OR-1531.  I do not have significant experience in “the former organization”, but over these past three years have benefitted from the mentorship of OR-315 and every interaction I’ve had with John Herring, John Falk, and a few others.
This last year, John asked if I would serve as the New Troop Coordinator for Oregon, and I said yes.  It has been a blessing to work and pray with Christian men and women throughout the area: Albany, Dallas, McMinnville, Newberg, La Grande, Eugene, and Clackamas immediately come to mind.  Last month, I flew down to San Jose to a Train the Trainer course with Oregon and SW Washington in mind.  New Troops need training!
Last week, John Falk asked if I would serve as the Point Man for Oregon and SW Washington.  I was hesitant due to my lack of scouting experience, but I trust John’s judgment, God’s grace (1 Peter 4:10), and I do have a few items I want to accomplish.
Here are my goals for Trail Life in Oregon and SW Washington:
1. Continue to add New Troops.
2. Support new and existing Troops with training, immediate responses to questions, and regular communication/information sharing.
3. Increase inter-Troop cooperation.
In order for this to happen, I do need help.  Paul Eskeldson is out Direct Service advisor, and we are going to meet sometime when we can manage it with our busy schedules.  We am looking for three “types” of people.
New Troop Support.  I am looking for people who would be willing to meet others in your local area interested in starting their own Troop.  Sometimes, all they want is to attend one of your meetings and ask a few questions afterwards.
Trainers.  I am looking for people who are open to completing the 3 Peaks Training and eventually attending a Train the Trainer course.
Advancement.  We need to make sure we have a team in place to assist Trailmen with their Advancement and Freedom Award.
Let me know if you are willing to assist as able in one or more of these areas.  Please forward this email to other adults in your Troop, and let me know how things are going.  Most importantly, let us continue to pray for one another!
I will be pushing out some additional information shortly to Troop leadership.  In the meantime, if you have a Facebook account join the Oregon/SW Washington group (link below).
All Honor and Glory to God Forever!
Walk Worthy,
David Wendell
Oregon and SW Washington Point Man

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