Service to our Veterans

OR226 Flag Pole 1
A Journey Adventurer from OR-0226 in Hillsboro, went to the Rock Creek Retirement home and fixed their flag pole that didn’t have a Halyard. They were able to put in the main halyard and a spare so that they could fly a flag for Veterans Day. #TraillifeUSA #walkworthy

OR226 Flag Pole 2

A Journey Adventurer from OR-0226 in Hillsboro, went to the Rock Creek Retirement home and fixed their flag pole that didn’t have a Halyard. They were able to put in the main halyard and a spare so that they could fly a flag for Veterans Day. #TraillifeUSA #walkworthy

Say Cheese!

OR226 Tillamook
Troop OR-0226 troop on a trip to the Tillamook Forestry Center last month, where they made progress in their Science and Technology branch by learning about God’s creation!

Area Troops Meet Up for a Retreat (and fun)

In June, Troops OR-0315, OR-1531, WA-0360 and WA-0314 met up at the Brigittine Monastery for a weekend of camping, prayer, and fun.  During the day, the Trailmen got to know one another while performing service projects, competing in a variety of games, and worship.  As evening approached the fire was lit and each Troop did their spirited best to out skit and sing one another, eventually setting down to a talk, group prayer, and the cracker-barrel and some nighttime capture the flag.  It was such a positive experience that all agreed to meet up again next summer!

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Mass was a part of the Trailmen Meetup on both Saturday and Sunday.
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Trailmen look at a handout that augmented the evening talk.
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Service is an important component of the life of a Trailman.
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Ga Ga Ball was one constant that Trailmen took advantage of during their free time.
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Human Foosball!
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During the weekend, teams took part in various games of skill with recognition going to winners of each event and overall.

Climb On

Navigators and Adventurers from OR-0315 and OR-1531 earn their Climb-on badge after a day of hard work.  Trailmen always enjoy opportunities to share adventures with other Troops.

February Pointman Message

Hello Area Leaders,

I hope you are all doing well.  Although life is busy, there are several events and developments I would like to share with you all.  Please read my email and forward it on to whoever is involved or interested in the success of Trail Life is Oregon and SW Washington.

1. Updates on our Area Event

IMPORTANT – Area Event details.  Troop OR-0001 is hosting our Area Event.  Rob Greene (Trail Life National Director of Field Operations) and John Falk (Regional Team Leader) will be sharing with us developments within Trail Life and answering your questions!  It’s a great time to network and enjoy some Trail Life Fellowship.  Harvest Christian Church, OR-0001’s charter, is located at 123 SW 21st St, Troutdale, OR 97060.
Friday – 1 March
6:00 – Doors open (You can bring your dinner)
6:30 – Event Begins, Introductions, Rob Greene talk, Q & A Session
8:30 – Closing Prayer
9:00 – Lights out
Please let me know how many people you expect from your Troop.  Also, I bought a box of Standards, so if you want to buy one bring $35 cash.  Please let me know if you need any other materials, and I will see what I can do.
2.  Area Team Update

Paul Eskeldson (Area Direct Service Advisor) and I are pleased to be adding a few members to the area team.

Christina Malae from McMinville has agreed to serve as our Area Activity Chairman.  As the Area Activity Chairman she will work on identifying and promoting events in the area that may be of interest to multiple Troops.  If you are aware of such an event, please let her know about it, and she can add it to our area calendar.

Louise Mohr from Mt. Angel, OR has agreed to serve as the Area PR/Marketing Chairman.  She is going to help manage the facebook and twitter accounts, collect “content” from the area troops (please send her pictures), and try to get as much free media as possible.

I REALLY need two adults to serve as our New Troop Coordinator(NTC) and Area Advancement Chairman.  The NTC needs to proactively seek churches and groups that need Trail Life as a part of their ministry and proactively help people with the chartering process.  This is admittedly a lot of work, but I will share the burden. 
The most important responsibility of the Area Advancement Chairman is to run the Troop Freedom Award Board of Review.  This needs to be ready BEFORE Trailmen are seeking the freedom award.
3. Three Peaks Training
On 31 Jan 19, we conducted our first Peak One training event in the area.  I believe Troop OR-7412 got something out of it during the evening, and I appreciated them being my guinea pigs.  Please let me know when you would like me to come to your Troop.
We have Peak One and Peak Two training scheduled in Salem, OR on 29-30 March.  All are invited.  Contact me for details.
4.  Calendar
There is an area calendar.  The link to the calendar is below my signature.
Some “save the date” events with details forthcoming…
Jun 21-24 –  A 4 day summer adventure near La Grande at Catherine Creek State Park
Jul 19-21 – Woodland Camporee in the St. Paul, OR Area
5. Final Thoughts
Since our last monthly update we have one new Troop added to our ranks, OR-7412 out of McMinville, OR.  They have a lot of boys coming from the “other organization.” Speaking of which, we are now not only the best, but the largest, scouting organization for boys!  The weather will soon be warming up, so get ready to take those boys outside!
Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Walk Worthy,

David Wendell
Oregon and SW Washington Point Man

Oregon and SW Washington Area Facebook Page

January Pointman Message

Hello Leaders,

Executive Summary: Please save the date – 1 Mar 18 – and plan to attend Rob Greene and John Falk’s visit.  If you know of a facility in the PDX region for the meeting please call me!
Special Event:
John Falk called to inform me that Rob Greene (Trail Life National Director of Field Operations) and John Falk (Regional Team Leader) will be in Portland 1 March, a Friday evening to meet with all the leaders, parents, and supporters of Trail Life.  We still have not found a location to hold the event, but it has to be in the Portland area due to their subsequent plans.
The current plan is to have a potluck at 6 pm with the opportunity to chat and meet other leaders.  At 7 pm Rob Greene will give a keynote address where he will talk about the latest developments within Trail Life.  After a Q and A session we will break at around 8 pm, but many of us may stay later to brainstorm and discuss the future of Trail Life in our area.  Please encourage all of your leaders and parents to attend the event.
Troop Update:
I have receive responses from OR-315 (North Plains), OR-1046 (Central Point), OR-1531 (Salem), OR-1910 (Grants Pass), OR-2018 (Albany), and our precharters out of Newberg, McMinville, La Grande, and St. Helens.  I still haven’t heard from OR-0001 (Troutdale), OR-0226 (Hillsboro), and our Vancouver, Washington Troops WA-0360 and WA-9400.  If you are a member of these Troops please let me know how things are going.
The Troops in Hermiston and Bandon closed.  I think there is an opportunity in Hermiston to start with a new charter.  There was some institutional drift where the main volunteers did not belong to the charter organization.  Of course, there was also not enough volunteers to sustain the complete program in Hermiston, which resulted in burn-out.  Still, the dad I spoke with was open to starting a new troop in 2019 and was excited to hear about another Troop in Eastern Oregon.
I haven’t received any response from the leadership of the Bandon Troop.  Coincidentally, I have a new experienced  dad in Bandon who wants to start a Trail Life Troop.
Leadership Update:
I would like to thank Todd Bushman from OR-1910 and Caleb Veach from OR-2018 for their willingness to speak to people interested in their area about starting Trail Life, as well as inviting them to attend a meeting!  I am still looking for some leaders who are willing to be available to help with Advancement and Freedom awards!
Training Update:
OR-1046 (Central Point) and OR-1910 (Grants Pass)  have expressed interest in conducting joint Peak One and Peak Two Training.  I am just waiting from them to give me dates!
OR-2018 (Albany) is also planning on having me conduct peak one training (which can be done in one evening) once they have some dates.
There is still Scheduled Peak One and Peak Two Training in Salem 29-30 March.
I have attached a few items.
(1) The new AHG/TLUSA Co-Ed camping policy.
(2) A Sample Volunteer Form
Please let me know how I can help you!


David Wendell
Oregon and SW Washington Point Man